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We are Man and Van Farnborough, a professional Man and Van Service. We don’t just cover Farnborough, we also cover Fleet, Yateley Camberley, Deep Cut, Frimley, Black Water, Minley, Frimley green, Tongham and the whole of Hampshire and Surrey.

So, If you’re looking for a cheap a Man and Van service, in Farnborough, just pick up the phone and give us a call.

Why is Man and Van Farnborough so cheap?

We are a small Man and Van business in Farnborough, with virtually no overheads. Our advertising expenses is small due to repeat business with our existing customers. We don’t rent flash offices nor do we rent a yard to park our vans. We also get much of our repeat work from charity and furniture shop in and around Farnborough.

Farnborough Man and Van Removals services is a Hampshire based firm with many years in the moving and removals industry. We provide a high quality man and van Service with a dedicated professional and  reliable teams, we are also punctual, dedicated and hard-working. Man and Van Farnborough provide very competitive rates which apply out of hours and Saturday and Sundays, our rates are unbeatable.

Cheap Self-Loading?

Man and Van Farnborough and Man and Van Fleet offer customers Self-Loading? This means if you load the van yourselves without the help of the driver, we charge a minimal fee of £34 per hour, minimum of 2 hours. Self-loading in the cheapest option when using Man and Van Farnborough and Fleet, for more info on self-loading , call us today for the cheapest move in Farnborough and Fleet.

Van and Man Hire Farnborough and Fleet are the best in the business, we are proud to provide a quality, professional Man and Van service to the people of Farnborough and Fleet at the best prices ever. We specialise in all types moves, from a sofa to a whole house move, office relocation and small moves welcome.

We don’t just cover Farnborough and Fleet, we also serve Fleet, Yateley, Cove, Frimley, Deep Cut, Camberley, Fleet, Tongham, Black Water, Minley, Surrey and Hampshire.

Man and Van Farnborough

Hello and welcome to Man and van Removals in Farnborough, we are a well-established Man and Van team based in Farnborough. We Have many years of experience in the removals industry, and providing not just locally in Farnborough, Hampshire we also travel Nationwide.

we also provide a full packing service if required and can provide all the packing materials.  Man and van Farnborough take special care of all your belongings and our customers. We are competitive, reliable professional and hardworking removal company. You can rely on Man and Van in Farnborough, we won’t let you down.

We have taken on all types of jobs throughout the Farnborough and Hampshire, from a small room to a whole house. There is No need to look any further, for a man and Van firm, we provide a completely trust worthy service, we are friendly and affordable service you can trust.

We are Based in Farnborough and have a fleet of commercial vans to cater for all types of removal, from single bed through to a full house move. We are reliable and honest,  and we are always on time and do a fantastic services,

Please call Man and Van Farnborough for a quote, we will try to beat our competitors on price and for service, so please ask if we can do so.

Farnborough top quality Man and Van Service. If you’re looking for an affordable Man and Van firm in the Farnborough and Fleet area, then you need not to search any further. Van and Man Farnborough are a professional service with affordable cheap prices and rates. We deal with all types of moves in Farnborough and Fleet, from a small sofa to whole house moves. Our team of friendly removers take pressures care. They are professional and will look after all your valuable possessions.

Flat and House Removals? No matter where you are moving to, it might be a few miles down the road or the 100s of miles. Distance is no abject to the Man and Van team in Farnborough. We move Single items, such as a chair to whole house moves. Business or Office Relocation? We’ve moved many businesses in Farnborough over the years.

It might be a whole commercial business in Farnborough or just a small office move in Fleet, we will help and hold your hand at every step of the way. We don’t offer a dismantling and reassembling service, such as shelving, desks and packing away computers. Let Man and Van Farnborough and Fleet deal with your business or small office moves.

Removals small or large Vans Our removal service offers a choice of either small transits van to the large long wheel base Mercedes. Our Farnborough Man and Van Prices Unlike the larger removal firms, hiring a cheap Man and Van in Farnborough is a lot cheaper, on average larger removals firms are likely to be double the price.

Man and Van House Clearance Farnborough

Do you need professional Man and Van for house clearance in Farnborough Town? Moving Home or just having a clear out? Whatever your desires, the number one Man and Van house clearance firm serving Farnborough, is here to take care of all you removal and rubbish clearance needs.

Farnborough Man and Van House Clearance is an affordable removals and rubbish clearance firm that deals with all types of clearances, office removals and clearance, refurbishment projects and home clearance of all sizes. We deal with both domestic and commercial removals and clearance work.

We offer an affordable Man and Van house clearance service in Farnborough that includes all types of unwanted items. We deal with wide-ranging garbage, garage surplus, garden bosh, equipment, white possessions, delicate certification and other supplies.

As a accountable waste dumping firm in Farnborogh, we aim to salvage whenever we can to minimise the impact on our environment. We work quickly and quietly and have a commitment all our clients to ensure that your property is left rubbish free and clean and tidy by the time we leave.

A Farnborough based Man and Van waste removal company, we can often come out to properties in the local area within a few days or a few hours. Just call our Man and Van house clearance team, give us all the details of your move and we’ll give you a free estimate fast.

We’re one of the best house clearance companies in Farnborough and we have a reputation for providing excellent services to suit any budget. Whether it’s a complete house move, office clearance, home refurbishment project or you just need to clean out the garage, Man and Van Farnbourogh today. We’ll clear your rubbish in an efficient manner, ensuring you can back on schedule quickly.

We pride ourselves in our ability to deal with house clearance in Farnborough in a responsible manner, so whenever we can, we’ll recycle your rubbish, including all white goods. That way you know your rubbish is being put back to good use and doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Here at House Clearance Farnborough, we deal with house clearance for all kinds of properties. Whether it’s homes or businesses, sheds or garages, lofts or cellars, we have a solution for you. Even if you’re having a spring clean, we can help. No job is too big or too small.

We examine each house clearance job individually and apply due sensitivity, especially if there has been a bereavement. We can also clear and dispose of sensitive documents in Farnborough.

For our full list of affordable house clearance services in Farnborough, call us now on 0800 626430. We’re more than happy to give you a free quote over the phone if you can give us some details of the project.

Should i Use Man and Van, use a removal company or do it my self ?

When it comes to moving home in Farnborough, there are a few options you can take, Firstly, you can opt to do-it yourself. This would involve packing and boxing all your belongings and loading up your car, this option will involve many trips, and on average it could take a whole day or two. The second option would to use a Man and Van based in Farnborough, this option would involve the man and van with help from yourselves.

The forth option is to use a Man and Van with one or two men, this option would need no help from yourselves and all the moving will be done for you. The forth option, is to use a removals company, these companies are usually use very large lorries and are preferred for long distance moves.

In our many years’ experience working in Farnborough as a Man and Van firm, most people choose to use a man and a van, obviously because the cost is scientifically less than a removal company and doing it yourselves is a long winded process and can be stressful.

Here are some Moving, boxing and Packing tips from Man and Van Farnborough and Fleet

1. Boxes are the easiest way to move your belongings in and of the van, the weight limit for each box should not exceed over 25 to 30 pounds per box. Man and Van Farnborough recommend its is important not to over load boxes with weight, because overloaded boxes can split or you could injure yourself. Fill empty gaps with scrunched newspaper, this will protect your items when transporting. You can buy boxes on line from Boxing solutions in Farnborough and Fleet.

2. Label or Mark boxes on top and sides with a brief description of content, and which room they are going into, this will help the man and van. Use strong corrugated cardboard boxes if possible, especially for more fragile items, smaller boxes are more suited for heavier items. Make sure you use strong packing tape, you can buy cheap brown packing tape at Pound land 61 Queens mead, Farnborough GU14 7RN.

3. Put small items such as fixings, screws, and bolts in food freezer bags and label them, these bags can also be found at Pound land  Farnborough. Don’t overfill boxes, this will make them difficult to move especially if you’re going to climb stairs. Remember, boxes should not weigh more than 25 to 30 pound’s, this will limit the chance of boxes splitting. Put valuable items in smaller boxes, use bubble wrap and mark them in a secret code (Don’t label as Gold or Silver). Man and Van Farnborough do offer a packing service, but to keep the cost down it will obviously be cheaper to box’s them yourself.

4. Black bin bags? We have dealt with many man and van moves where the customers have loaded belongings in to black bin bags, using black bags give no protection to your belongings. Try not to use black bin bags, they rip easily and they can’t be stacked.

5. Clutter? Get rid of stuff you don’t need, make yourself some cash by selling them on line or at the local Farnborough car boots sales.

6. Remember to update your new address, this may include, driving licence, insurance, broadband, council tax etc. Most of these changes can be done on line or a quick phone call might be suffice.

7. Choosing the best Man and Van in Farnborough and Fleet? If you’re looking for a decent Man and Van company in Farnborough, begin by checking the prices, many man and van firms offer a fixed price or hourly rates. A good description of item to be move will is important, as this is what the cost is based on.

9. It’s a good idea to move larger items in to the home first, and move them into the rooms they belong in. The smaller items can then be placed around the bigger items.

10. This is a good time to de-clutter, you can find a new home for your unwanted items by donating them to charities or have a car boot sale, car boot sales are held on Farnborough road GU14 

11. Packing rules: Always stack the heaviest boxes at the bottom, by doing this you are more likely not to damage items in lighter boxes.

We also serve Fleet, Frimley Green, Ash, Farnborough, Fleet, Ash Vale Cove, Frimley, Deep Cut, Yateley, Tongham, Camberley, Fleet, Black Water, Minley

Here are Some Top Packing and Moving Mistakes by Man and Van Farnborough and Fleet

1, Leaving packing at the last minute, packing and preparation should be made at least 5 days before your leaving date. Packing on the same day as your move can be stressful, planning is the key to a stress free move.

2. Man and van Farnborough an Fleet says, don’t over pack boxes, and don’t use cheap flimsy boxes, these are likely to split. Always label your boxes, or mark them with a felt tip pen.

2. Never transport flammable items such as petrol, paraffin, Ammunition, Fireworks, Paints and paint thinner, Lighter fluid  or other similar items. Safety is crucial when carrying out a move, Man and Van Farnborough and Fleet refuse to transport any dangerous substance or flammable. These items are viewed as dangerous, which include, but are not limited to: antifreeze, petrol, gas, diesel, mentholated spirits, fireworks, acids, or thinners.

3. Prevent items in boxes rattling or breaking, if items are boxed loosely, always fill the gaps with scrunched up newspaper, linen or towels. This will keep items firmly in position when travelling in the van, and avoid any breakages.

4. The one thing most people forget to do is defrosting the fridge, if this is a short distance move on a cold day this may be ok. Man and Van Farnborough recommend, you should defrost and empty the freezer well before the move date.

5. Always be honest with Man and Van firms, make detail list of all items you are moving, this will help man and van Farnborough and Fleet calculate an accurate quote. The quote given will be based on all the items in you list, if you forget to list things, it could cost you more.

6. Should i use a Large removal company or a man and van ? Man and van is an alternative way to move, man and van are usually used on smaller scale moves. They are cheaper than large removal companies, that use large lorries and have bigger overheads. The man with a van are cheaper by far.

If you need a Man and Van service in Farnborough or Fleet fast, call our team today! We Are highly skilled and professional. Man and Van Farnborough offer the best prices in town, that delvers fast results. We offer extensive removal service for site across Farnborough and Fleet and surrounding areas which include, Fleet, Camberley, Deep Cut, Frimley, Cove, Frimley Green, Tongham, Yateley and Minley.

Been let down by another Man and Van service in Farnborough? We offer short notice pick ups and emergencies. Our professional Man and Van Team will get you moving fast and today. You won’t find a better man and van service in Farnborough, we are competative, reliable and professional.

Farnborough, Ash Green, Fleet, Deep Cut, Ash, Frimley, Yateley, Camberley, Minley, Tongham, Cove, Ash Vale, Frimley Green and Black Water

Moving to Farnborough in Hampshire?

The town of Farnborough is located 7 miles north Hampshire, the areas around Farnborough are Aldershot, Camberly, Fleet, and Frimley. Farnborough is approximately, 3 miles from Aldershot, and 4 miles from Fleet  and 3 miles from Camberly. What to do in? Farnborough is best known for its two-yearly international air-shows. Thousands of businesses, inventors  and entrepreneurs display the next re-visionary inventions, from aviation to art. Farnborough air-show is one of the most popular in the UK and thousands of people visit and turn up at each event, many of the spectators view the show from the road side.

The Farnborough Aerodrome is well-known for its long-standing flying links. Back at the start of the 20th century His Grandeur’s Balloon Factory was first set up in Farnborough, Hampshire. Ever since then Farnborough has become famous for its revolutionary engineering work, from the first powered aircraft in the uk  back in the year 1908 to the first automobile to go supersonic on land in 1997. A long list of the scientists and engineers who have worked at Farnborough, now a commercial enterprise, reads like a Who’s Who of British flying science.

The Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, is an none profit charity, an aerospace museum is open most weekends, weather permitting. The Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST) was first opened in 1994 in order to help preserve and maintain redundant air-crafts, and kindle interest in the aeronautical legacy of the former RAE Farnborough site.

Moving to Fleet in Hampshire?

Good news if you are moving to fleet, in Hampshire. Fleet in Hampshire has been named the healthiest, happiest and wealthiest place to live in the UK for the third year in a row. Fleet has a great reputation to live in, and its reputation has gone world wide. According to the Daily Mail the residents, of Fleet live the longest in the in the UK, on average living to the ripe old age of 83 years for men, compared with the rest of the UK with 73 years old.

The residents of Fleets average weekly wage is £844 a week compared with national average of just £616, the unemployment rate of Fleet is very low, 80 per cent are working compared with just 70 per cent to the rest of the Uk. Around the town of Fleet, it enjoys over 84 square-miles of common and woodland and has Hampshire’s  well-known pond, Fleet Pond is known world wide. Farnborough is approximately 3 miles away, which also enjoys the same qualities as Fleet

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by Troy on Man and Van Farnborough

Needed to move my stuff from Farnborough to Camberley, great punctual service. Cheaper than the other man with van services I got quotes from too.

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Great service

Moved my stuff from Farnborough to Fleet, really great service by man and van Farnborough and great price compared to the other movers. Will definitely recommend. thanks you.